CK Wafer Bumping stencil

Maximum precision for your semiconductors.

With Wafer-Bumping the soldering paste is transferred optimally from the stencil. Uniform paste depots are the precondition for a reproducible Bump height.

In combination with innovative materials, such as CK Nanovate™ Nickel, our laser-cut Wafer Bumping stencils satisfy the highest demands. They are extremely thin and densely populated with the smallest apertures.

Secure your product quality with apertures free of burrs and residue, constant material thicknesses from 15 µm and impressively flat surfaces. We orientate ourselves entirely according to your requirements: For a 12-inch print image, we realise for you up to 600,000 apertures with hole sizes from 60 µm x 90 µm.

We are also happy to support you with supplementary process consulting and evaluations in our Application Center.


Your benefits:

  • Reproducible Bump Forming through superalloys with smooth cut surfaces

  • More printing cycles due to high stencil lifetime

  • Higher efficiency and productivity of the Wafer-Bumping-Process



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