CK Nanovate™ Nickel stencil

Higher productivity. Longer lifetimes.

Unevenness on the PCB, high doctor knife pressure, poor PCB support – unfavourable conditions such as these have, up to now, reduced the lifetime of the stencils and stood in the way of further miniaturisation. But that is now at an end!

With its unique properties, our patented High-Tech Stencil Material CK Nanovate™ Nickel ensures for optimal process conditions.

Why you achieve higher earnings at lower costs?

The really hard material still allows smaller apertures with sharper cut edges, that seal the printing depot better. The high ductility keeps the stencil smooth, the lifetimes get longer.

We are also happy to support you with supplementary process consulting and evaluations in our Application Center.


Your benefits:

  • Long lifetimes due to unique material properties
  • More productivity due to reduced cleaning intervals
  • Optimal performance due to more form stable print depots and better paste release behaviour
Nickel stencils with ultrasmooth surface
Nickel promotes the ultrasmooth laser cut
Stencil that has been dented/worn by the doctor knife pressure

(stainless steel after 20 thousand doctor knife cycles)


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