CK Rework stencil

Repairing fast and secure.

In the course of repairs it is sometimes necessary to replace components on a PCB or a substrate. To do this, soldering paste must be applied directly and in the exact quantity.

Our CK Rework Stencils make this process more secure. Why? Individually worked steps center the component to be replaced and simplify the handling radically.

Profit now from a highly accurate and efficient solution, including holding frame for your Rework Stations.

We are also happy to support you with supplementary process consulting and evaluations in our Application Center.


Your benefits:

  • Custom made: Optimal printing depot for every component
  • Universal: Compatible with all Rework Stations
  • Simple handling: Including holding frame for component centring
Filling the cavity with flux

Alternatively soldering paste can also be used. The cavity depth is specified by the Dip depth.

Dip&Print Station, dipping, ERSA PL650A Placement System

Lift out BGA after dipping (imprints in backlight)

Dip&Print Station, dipping, Flux-Gel on BGA225 Balls

ERSASCOPE image, div. focus joined with ImageDoc FocusFusion

Dip&Print Station, dipping, Flux-Gel

Flux-Gel on BGA225 Ball (ERSASCOPE Image)

Dip&Print Station, dipping, Dip soldering paste in Dip-Stencil after dipping
Dip&Print Station, dipping, Dip-soldering paste

Depot on BGA225 Balls, div. focus merged with ImageDoc FocusFusion

Dip&Print Station, dipping, Dip-soldering paste, Depot on BGA225 Ball


0.5mm Pitch, dipped in Dip-soldering paste

Printing stencil

With a component-specific Rework Stencil components without small legs, e.g. QFN- or MLF-designs, are printed directly. BGAs or the ground planes of QFP-designs can also be printed directly. The fixture fixes the component and the stencil, to simplify the handling.

The printing process provides a reproducible quantity of solder for the charge.

Dip&Print Station, printing, MLF32 with hold down device
Dip&Print Station, printing, MLF32 printing with mini doctor blade
Dip&Print Station, printing, ERSA PL650A Placement system, MLF32 picking
Dip&Print Station, MLF32 with paste printing, from below

ERSA PL650A Placement system

Stencils for printing the PCB

Component and product-specific stencils enable the printing of the installation position for the component directly on the PCB.


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