CK Plasma coating

Stable surfaces, stable processes.

Poor soldering points or frequent cleaning can disturb the printing process and interrupt the production. Such disturbances can be avoided through a more favourable release behaviour and a better surface quality of the stencil.

CK Stencils with long-term-stable plasma coating increase the process reliability, in particular with small apertures. The PCVD technology used for this enables a reliable and durable surface finish, even in the smallest apertures.

The result: An optimal printing process with less adhesion of the printing media, less cleaning work and a higher production output – in particular with Fine-Pitch components.

Do you have any outstanding questions about production? We are also happy to support you with supplementary process consulting and evaluations in our Application Center.


Your benefits:

  • Long-term-stable surface coating
  • High reproducibility, smallest paste depots
  • Lower error rate with the processing of Fine-Pitch components
Plasma surface finish ensures for a slight golden colouring
Contaminated stencil underside

(without plasma) after 20 printing cycles

Clean stencil underside

(with plasma) after 50 printing cycles


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