TetraBond™ is a stencil system that optimally supports and  tensions the metal stencil. The assembling and disassembling in the quick tensioning systems has been designed simple and secure. With frequent product changing the setup time can be reduced as a result. The metal is framed in a thin, one-piece, extruded aluminium profile. The TetraBond™-Stencil System has been developed for use in Tetra tension frames. Many tension frames presently on the market are compatible with TetraBond™. All stencil manufacture technologies (Laser cutting, Step technology, electrolytic polishing, galvanic structure and hard nickel laser-cut) are available for the TetraBond™-System.

The system is easy to take out of the quick tensioning system and can then be cleaned directly in the washing installation without an additional washing frame. The stiff frame minimises the potential for damage when handling the stencils. The frames are available in the colours green and black. Consequently lead-free applications and those containing lead can be safely distinguished. Stencils in the TetraBond™-System can be stored to save space.

Available for the following tension frame sizes.

  • 17" x 17"
  • 23" x 23"
  • 23" x 29"
  • 29" x 29"

Other sizes available on request.


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