CK Electrolytic polishing

Upgrade for Laser cut Stencils.

Do you know this problem? The soldering paste applied with the doctor blade does not completely release from the stencil openings, poor soldering points impair the printing result. We have the solution for you!

With CK Electrolytic Polishing we use a defined electrochemical process to deburr and smoothen the laser-cut openings. This way the favourable release properties of galvanic setup can be combined with the accuracy of laser-cut apertures.

Through this process you profit from a reproducibly high surface quality of the aperture walls for an optimal printing result.

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Your benefits:

  • Higher process reliability through improved release behaviour
  • Quality assurance through reproducible printing results
  • Shortest delivery times
Electrolytically-polished Stencil

Fine-Pitch precision print

Brushed Stencil

Bridging in the Fine-Pitch area

Stencil surface untreated


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