VectorGuard™ Quick Clamping System

The clamping system VectorGuard™ is a 4-sided spring tension system. The simple and quick stencil change takes place without the alignment of holes or slots in the VectorGuard™ aluminium frame and the handling is guaranteed  simple.

The stencil is placed in the quick clamping system and reliably held in tension by means of the spring system. The risk of injury on sharp metal edges is minimised by the aluminium frame. In addition the stability of the stencils increases.

Stencils for VectorGuard™ are available in material thicknesses from 100 µm to 250 µm.

Detail view of VectorGuard Spring Tension System

Technical Information Model VG 260 23" x 23"

  • Outside dimensions: 584 mm x 584 mm
  • Stencil: 555.5 mm x 555.5 mm
  • Optional accessories: Sidebar-Adapter-Kit



Technical Information Model VG 265 29" x 23"

  • Outside dimensions: 736 mm x 584 mm
  • Stencil: 708 mm x 555.5 mm
  • Optional accessories: Sidebar-Adapter-Kit


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