Our contribution for the environment

We are a future-oriented company, therefore environmental protection and sustainability are among our company objectives. The adherence to statutory regulations and official requirements concerning environmental protection is for us a matter of course. Through sustainable action we support the preservation of the resources of our earth for the next generation. Lowering the energy consumption is a matter of great concern in the entire company.


The environmental guidelines are binding for our employees at all company sites. The company supports and calls on every employee, to practice active environmental protection at his workplace at his own responsibility. All measures implemented will be checked regularly and continuously improved.


Our production processes are designed efficiently in order to keep the energy consumption low. Before the introduction of new technologies, these are examined for their environmental compatibility. We send production waste, packaging materials and stencils no longer used separately to recycling.

To significantly reduce delivery times, we have established the customers' own frame store. Our customers therefore have the possibility to store their used frames free of charge.


Here the used frames are prepared for a new spanning. The frames machined by us have an extremely long service life and can be used multiple times. Through the use of our weld-in process the use of chemicals and adhesives is minimised.


To secure the longevity of our products we use high quality base materials. Our precision tools reduce the scrap at customers premises and simplify the  production cycles. That saves energy, material and working time. The cleaner series developed by us cleanteCK is water-based. Consequently we reduce the use of solvents and contribute towards the protection of the waterways. To reduce the energy consumption, shipments are grouped in dispatch. And for our stencils we offer environmentally compatible multi-use packages.


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