CK Step stencil

Differences in height specifically compensated.

Component miniaturisation and increasing component mix lead to the fact, that the paste application can no longer be regulated by the aperture alone. Stencils with different step heights are the answer. With these different paste heights can be printed efficiently in one doctor blade cycle.


What distinguishes us in this discipline? Thanks to our patented milled step stencil, we can adapt the required stencil thickness individually to the required quantity of paste.


Only with CK Step Stencils can you achieve perfect printing results, independent of the sheet metal thicknesses common in the market!

We are also happy to support you with supplementary process consulting and evaluations in our Application Center.


Your benefits:

  • Individual solutions: Top and bottom side step, as well as step in step possible!
  • High quality: Optimal paste release behaviour
  • Reliability: Clearly defined quantity of paste for every component
REM holder CK Step

Soft ramps and transition radii require clean removal of the paste

Step in Step

Different paste heights with one doctor blade cycle

Different depot heights

Paste quantity can be adapted individually


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