Circuit board support

Custom-made precision tools.

Optimal precision stencil printing requires an exact fitting mating piece, that supports the circuit board over the entire surface. At  the same time the lead times are ever shorter, the setup of the printing applications more and more complex. How can process, service and ordering be optimised, in order to save time and money?

Quite simple: At CK you get everything from one provider: stencils, doctor blades and circuit board support. The result: shortest delivery time and a perfect printing result, thanks to coordinated precision tools.

We make supports with maximum precision, perfectly adapted to the associated circuit board. Profit now from minimal scrap rates in Fine-Pitch precision printing and an even more efficient service – with one contact partner for both topics. Test us!

Your benefits:

  • Maximum process quality: minimal scrap rate in "Fine-Pitch Precision Printing"

  • Optimal Service: common advisor for stencil and circuit board support

  • Fast ordering & delivery: Stencils, doctor blades and circuit board support from one provider



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