23rd European College of Electronics Technology Lectures.

"Pole Position in the SMT Technology Race" New Concepts and Ideas


Without automation and digitalization a series production of electronic products on a large scale would be hardly competitive. Several lectures of the 23rd EE College point out, that the production facilities are well equipped, in order to master the growing daily challenges and develop individual ideas for their processes. Thereby the environmental protection and the utilization of resources always remains in focus. Likewise the college deals with interesting new technological concepts for electronic applications, including: modern Package Footprints and the design of Thermal Vias as well as ESD measuring methods and corrective measures.

The pleasant ambience of the conference venue opens up the opportunity for an extended exchange of experience in the group of participants as well as with the speakers and business partners/organizers of the college, the companies ASM Assembly Systems GmbH & Co. KG, ASYS Automation Systems GmbH, Balver Zinn Josef Jost GmbH & Co. KG, Christian Koenen GmbH, kolb Cleaning Technology GmbH, Rehm Thermal Systems GmbH and Zevac AG. You too can profit from this know-how and secure your pole position in the daily SMT technology race!

The content-related offer is directed to technical and managerial personnel from production as well as employees involved with work preparation, the technology, the development, construction and quality management.


Dates: 5th - 9th October 2022
Venue: Colonia de Sant Jordi, Mallorca (ES) – Blau Colonia Sant Jordi Resort & Spa


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