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The World's largest Stencil

Back in 2012, Christian Koenen produced a 2.79 m large stencil

The World's largest Stencil

While we observe the steadily progressing miniaturization of components, grids and everything else in electronics, there is, on the other hand, a demand for increasingly larger stencils in certain specialist applications. As early as 1995, Christian Koenen produced a stencil for the company OCE, which was then the world's largest stencil in the field of electronics. Over the years, this record has been broken time and again and, in 2009, Christian Koenen GmbH set a new milestone when it crossed the 2-metre mark. Nevertheless, this is not even close to the largest dimension that can be implemented – as is evident from the developments taking place in solar and LED technology. In 2012, Christian Koenen GmbH set yet another new world record when it built a stencil measuring 2,790 mm x 1,480 mm, designated for use in the area of renewable energies! Since then, the company has successfully produced this as well as similar sizes in series.

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