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Succession at the company KOENEN

Isabella Koenen hands over KOENEN GmbH to her son Christian Koenen.

Succession at the company KOENEN

On 1st January 2015, Isabella Koenen handed over KOENEN GmbH to her son Christian Koenen. With immediate effect, the traditional Munich company, market leader in the area of technical printing screens, is finally part of Christian Koenen GmbH, the technological leader in the manufacture of precision stencils for technical printing. The companies will continue to operate as two separate brands, but form part of a single organisation. "The merger¬ of the two companies will strengthen our position in the market even further and will consolidate our market leadership. Further investments in new technologies are planned and jobs can thus be secured in the long term", Christian Koenen assured his staff during a speech.


Already with effect of 1st September 2014, Isabella Koenen retired from the business and thus entrusted her son with the entrepreneurial responsibility for the company in line with family tradition, after holding it for almost half a century. "For me, having been an entrepreneur for 46 years does not mean to preserve the ashes but rather to pass on the flame", Isabella Koenen explained her decision. It was the natural course of events to decide on succession and to ensure that the company could continue developing successfully.


The KOENEN GmbH was founded by the married couple Karl-Heinz and Isabella Koenen in 1968. In addition to the retail sale of polyester fabrics for graphic and technical screen printing, the young company focussed on the manufacture of printing screens already at an early stage. As early as 1969, KOENEN started developing and very soon afterwards manufacturing its own screen print frames. Continuous innovations followed, which helped the company achieve market leadership and which have formed a solid basis for its growth to this day. Both Koenen companies focus strongly on research and development as priority areas.


Christian Koenen started working in his parents' company in 1983. In 2003, he founded his own company, Christian Koenen GmbH, which is the leading manufacturer of precision stencils in Europe today. Since 1st January 2015, he is the new and sole owner of KOENEN GmbH. "What is important to me is that the two companies will work closely together in future to form a strong community – even though the two companies continue trading under their own company name", Christian Koenen stated. The goal was to leverage synergy effects and thus to continue manufacturing highest precision and quality in future as well to satisfy the high demands of the customers.

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