Investment in own PLASMA system

The PLASMA stencil opens up new saving potentials in electronics manufacture and increases the economic efficiency of the printing process. Fine structures, such as fine-pitch apertures, 0201, 01005 and µBGA, are released significantly better. This results in less rework while rejects are greatly reduced. In addition, it saves time and cost.

A measurably more consistent performance over the entire service life of the stencil can be proven, and the impact of downtimes is notably reduced. Significantly more prints can be realised in between reduced side cleanings while the line output is increased for an improved printing quality. The PLASMA coating reduces the adhesion of print media, allowing for easier and quicker cleaning.

Enough reason for Christian Koenen GmbH to invest in its own PLASMA system. The surface treatment of the PLASMA stencil is now manufactured directly at CK. The company can thus accelerate response times for customer orders, combined with shorter delivery times and a faster in-house quality assurance.

Christian Koenen GmbH permanently invests in the latest technological developments in order to achieve the best possible result for their customers at all times. The process and the system were specially designed and built for the company. The declared goal is to provide customers with even more support for improving the printing process.

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