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Successful International Technology Day

International customers visited the company after the extension

Successful International Technology Day

On 23 September 2016, the International Technology Day took place with great success at Christian Koenen. During a tour of the premises, the participants from Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Denmark, Mexico, Spain and Slovenia had the opportunity to explore the extension of the company building. The tour took the participants through the new Application Center, the extended stencil manufacture and the new cleanroom. For the customers, it was interesting to see the journey their orders complete at the company Christian Koenen until arriving at the logistics center where the stencil is packaged for shipment. We were pleased that Ioan Radoi from the company Continental from Romania followed our invitation to give the customer's presentation. He presented the Microcoated Screen Study. During the breaks, the participants made use of the opportunity to exchange information and to network with the technical experts from Christian Koenen GmbH.

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