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Once again new laser systems installed at Christian Koenen GmbH

Company's machinery equipped with the latest technology

Once again new laser systems installed at Christian Koenen GmbH

Christian Koenen GmbH has once again invested in two laser systems of the latest generation. Its machinery is always kept to the state of the art to ensure that the company can meet the increasingly more complex customer requirements for stencil technology.


With this investment, the company ensures that the HighTech Stencils Made in Ottobrunn continue to make a contribution to enhancing process reliability in an increasingly demanding printing process.


True to the company's motto "Always one Step ahead", this investment strengthens the position of Christian Koenen GmbH as the market leader in Europa.


Once again, Christian Koenen GmbH has shown that only continuous investment in the latest technologies can guarantee the manufacture of top-class products while keeping abreast with the increasing complexity in electronics. A relentless focus on its own demands in respect of quality and service while meeting the customers' requests in terms of precision, flexibility and technological development of the next generation – this is what drives Christian Koenen.


With the LPKF G6080, the company possesses the most innovative and technologically advanced system currently available in the market. The machinery in Ottobrunn was equipped with this cutting edge technology on 01.06.2016.

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