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On course for unabated growth

On course for unabated growth

Cause for celebration: Christian Koenen GmbH celebrates its 15th company anniversary

Ottobrunn near Munich – Christian Koenen certainly felt confident when he decided to set up a company under his own name back in 2003. However, he never expected it to become quite the success it is today: having grown to become the European market and technology leader for precision stencil production in the field of electronics manufacturing in the space of just a few years. “A lot has happened since founding the company. We quickly outgrew the few square meters of space we started out with: today, we manufacture our precision stencils over a total area of 7,500m2, drawing on a machine park that is constantly expanding. We not only deliver precision stencils as a product but also provide our customers with the comprehensive support required for their processes,” says owner Christian Koenen. “Our qualified staff are central to our success. Today we employ 150 members of staff across four sites.”

And these aren’t the only reasons for the company's achievements at its headquarters in the Bavarian town of Ottobrunn. Continuous investments in state-of-the-art industrial manufacturing equipment also play an important role here – in optimally equipped laser systems and fully temperature-controlled production, for instance, or high-precision measurement and testing technology. At the end of the day, the company deals with unthinkably small units on the micrometer scale.

The three-zone clean room was opened in 2005 and has been modernized multiple times since, enabling outstanding product quality thanks to the facility's highly sensitive filter and ventilation system and its specially developed instruments. Christian Koenen’s pride and joy, the Application Center, opened in 2008. Not only is this in-house research and development laboratory a huge help to customers who receive support and guidance here in terms of process optimization; it also serves to promote new printing technologies and contributes towards scientific exchange. The company really does live up to its motto: At the cutting edge of technology.

With this in mind, Christian Koenen GmbH can look back on a series of its own, now patented inventions.

The company's growing number of customers, also from other parts of Europe, and its desire to maintain a customer-oriented service has necessitated the opening of additional branches over the years. The Bavarian company now has sites in eastern Germany, Hungary and France. Following the takeover of KOENEN GmbH (2015) and the MICRON screen business of PVF GmbH (2018), the Ottobrunn headquarters have been able to further cement their market leadership. 

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