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New Online Ordering System for Precision Tools – now even easier

The Internet-based ordering system is the comprehensive service for the customers to ensure an even more convenient precision tool ordering process.

New Online Ordering System for Precision Tools – now even easier

July 2015 was the relaunch of the new online ordering system for SMD Metal Stencils, PumpPrint Stencils, Precision Screens and accessories from Christian Koenen. Customers access the new online ordering system via the company’s homepage or using the direct portal entry at The Internet-based ordering system is the comprehensive service for the customers to ensure an even more convenient precision tool ordering process. Now customers can easily configure and order their stencils and screens at the shop. In just a few clicks, the customer defines the various parameters, uploads the relevant data and sends off the order. Customer consultants then receive the complete order which enables them to process the data quicker. Registered users can additionally access the order history. Here, the customer has the option of reverting to previous configurations and sending off a new order even quicker after implementing only a few adaptations.


The customer’s details are entered and saved once in the profile. Especially today, customer service is an important aspect to ensure customer loyalty and highest customer satisfaction. For Christian Koenen, this was reason enough to invest in a new system. It is important to deliver an all-inclusive service for the customer: At the company Christian Koenen, customers not only obtain a precision tool, but also the necessary process support and extensive service.


When re-designing the system, the developers focussed primarily on easy handling, high efficiency and user friendliness. Customers should be able to work with a clearly structured user interface and easy-to-select parameters. This has been implemented by the use of drop-down menus. The parameters are defined and the order is completed in only five steps.


Nevertheless, customers continue to maintain contact with their assigned customer consultants as there will still be close cooperation and authorization processes.

“It was important to us to provide the customer with a value-added service when ordering the products and to make the ordering process easier. The customer obtains a general overview of what data and information are required for an order. This means that nothing is forgotten, minimizing the need for queries on the part of our customer service. Valuable time for processing the data is saved”, as Thomas Lehmann, Head of Customer Services, explains.


Mair Elektronik GmbH has been the first customer of Christian Koenen GmbH to test the new system. Korbinian Goerge has summarized his experience in the following brief user review: “…”

Christian Koenen has developed a new online portal to make the stencil ordering process even easier. The straightforward menu structure is self-explanatory and customers can customize a stencil completely to their requirements in just a few steps.


Detailed selection options make the work easier, for example when selecting the required frame or the right mounting system. Defining a stepped stencil or choosing the appropriate refinement or after-treatment process is equally quick.


As the requirements in electronics production increase continuously and an ever-increasing number of assembly variants and special cases can be observed in particular in the service sector, it is often necessary to deviate from standard stencils. These process and product specific stencils can easily be configured based on the wide offer available. The upload function is suited for all types of files and proves very useful in this case. It can be used for adding drawings, notes, CAD data, etc. to the order using the convenient drag-and-drop function to represent individual features in more detail or to define precise specifications.


However, the system can not only be used for ordering all kinds of stencils, but it also allows for configuring the corresponding equipment, such as squeegee or cleaning agent – to mention two examples – with just a few clicks with the mouse.


The order history where all orders are saved is another convenient feature. It provides a quick overview of the types of stencils that were previously defined and allows for effortless reorders.


Naturally, an online portal like this cannot fulfil all requests, and some people might have preferred certain buttons to be bigger or of a different colour. However, in view of the overwhelming variety of customer requirements and personal preferences, satisfying each and every demand is simply impossible.


The new online portal provides a clearly structured, self-explanatory ordering system that fulfils many requirements simultaneously and, in some cases, is easier to process than some internal ordering processes.

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