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Christian Koenen Kft in Györ, Hungary

Christian Koenen Kft was founded in 2013 in Györ, Hungary. The site first employed sales and CAD order processing staff. The Györ building was purchased in 2014. Following an extensive renovation period, the site was officially opened in summer 2017. Precision stencils have been produced at the site since the start of 2017.


The Hungarian company is headed up by Managing Directors Christian Wirtz and Michael Brianda alongside experienced Operations Manager Peter Sulyok. Szabolcs Timar is in charge of stencil production and Zoltan Dombi is responsible for CAD order processing. Together with their teams, they ensure top quality and comprehensive customer service.


The production area comprises 850 square meters and is equipped with state-of-the-art machines, facilities, equipment and technology. The most innovate laser system currently available on the market, the LPKF G6080, is used to manufacture the precision stencils, while a Scancheck 1+, among other things, is available for quality assurance purposes. Stencils can already be electro-polished at the Hungarian plant. Our high quality standards are backed up by the fact that we use only the very latest technology. Quality and service are also at the core of Christian Koenen Kft’s company philosophy. Christian Koenen GmbH’s subsidiary works closely together with the headquarters. Continuous staff training is the company’s top priority and guarantees a constant flow of information on processes and innovative technologies. From now on, our Hungarian subsidiary will take responsibility for looking after and supplying our customers in eastern Europe.


By setting up a production site in Hungary, we are responding to the high customer demand from southern and eastern Europe. Many renowned companies from the electronics industry and also car parts suppliers have set up production sites in eastern Europe. Being as close as possible to our customers, also in terms of production, keeps transport routes short and customer satisfaction high. “Aside from the excellent infrastructural links, the site in Hungary also boasts highly qualified staff, facilitating top-quality, flexible production with short transport routes,” says Christian Wirtz, Managing Director at Christian Koenen Kft.


Christian Koenen is investing in this region with an eye to creating jobs for the long term. The number of employees at the Hungarian site already doubled in 2017, with twelve people now employed at the site. Opening the company’s own production facility at the Györ site represents another milestone in the consistent, target-oriented development of the Hungarian site, which has been in active operation since 2013.


By expanding the Hungarian site, the company promises to provide even better customer service and even quicker deliveries to its Eastern European customers. Competent advice and hands-on local support are prerequisite to strengthening and further expanding our market position in eastern Europe. In summer 2017, our eastern European customers were invited to take a look round the new production plant and the renovated office as part of the official opening ceremony.


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