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Christian Koenen GmbH in Lutherstadt Eisleben

The Eisleben site emerged from what was originally a collaboration and planned continuation of the stencils business division at the company rei-tec.


After the previous owner Reiner Becker unexpectedly passed away, however, the management at Christian Koenen GmbH decided to take on all members of staff at the company and not only maintain but also further expand the site for customers in the local area.


The business division has more than quadrupled since in terms of both the number of employees and the space itself.

Christian Koenen GmbH
HighTech Stencils

Otto-Hahn-Strasse 24
85521 Ottobrunn-Riemerling

T +49 89 66 56 18 - 0
F +49 89 66 56 18 - 330


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