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Formula Student Electric presents a fantastic challenge for up-and-coming engineers. Students from all over the world form teams at their respective colleges and universities tasked with designing and constructing their own formula racing car, which then takes to the tracks to compete against other teams. The jury is looking primarily for the car with the best racing performance and the best design solutions in the field. A strong financing and sales strategy is just as important as a clearly structured cost report and a detailed design description. The team with the best overall package takes home the title.


The teams have to demonstrate that their overall concept has what it takes to put them in pole position. The competitions are divided into static and dynamic disciplines. Efficiency is also a key factor, which is why consumption over the long-distance route is also considered in the overall assessment. Before they can go to the starting line for the dynamic disciplines, the cars are first assessed for safety by members of the Formula Student jury. The jury is made up of motorsport, automotive and supplier industry experts.

TUfast Munich

TUfast is a group of students at TU München technical university who design, build and race a new racing car every year that features a combustion engine and/or electric powertrain.


The company Christian Koenen sponsors the team responsible for constructing the electric racing car. The students use CK precision stencils to produce the electronic assemblies and are invited to call on our experts in the Application Center for questions surrounding process optimization, stencil layout and the printing process.


Aspiring engineers build a racing car under time and cost pressures which is then put to the test on the track and scored on performance. The team aims to build on its success year after year and construct a motor car that not only climbs the ranking but also features extremely advanced technology. This highly sophisticated project acts as a brilliant springboard for preparing students for their future careers. Year after year they tackle the challenge of making vehicle components even more lightweight and affordable and integrating the latest manufacturing processes to make the car quicker.


The project is welcomed by the industry, with a number of renowned companies pledging their support. Christian Koenen GmbH is one of the project sponsors and enjoys working with the students. It is important here that not only precision tools are produced and supplied but that we assist the students with any questions they may have concerning processes and technical matters. Almost every university in Germany is involved in Formula Student. As a Munich-based company, Christian Koenen chose to support the local Munich team.


The TUfast team once again managed to complete the Registration Quiz in good time and qualify for the Formula Student events in England (Silverstone), Hungary (Györ), Austria (Spielberg) and of course on home turf in Hockenheim in 2015.


We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all those involved and look forward to an exciting season.


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E.Stall Esslingen

The E.Stall team at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences is constructing its own formula racing car. The car’s performance will then be put to the test on circuits in Germany, Austria, Spain and Hungary.


The E.Stall racing car’s electronic assemblies are being manufactured using stainless steel stencils from Christian Koenen. The required components will be independently developed and produced by the students themselves. Various electronic systems – battery check, braking systems, engine control and many more – are needed if the team is to come out on top at the competitions. After all, the rivals never rest. The use of high-quality stencil technology from Christian Koenen helps reduce the need to revise prototypes while also producing vehicle components more reliably and increasing competitiveness. We are supporting this innovative project as we believe it is important to spark the interest of young people, especially when we can simultaneously contribute towards developing environmentally friendly propulsion technology.


Thanks to innovative technologies, the EVE’13 team was able to reliably cover the various legs and complete all the dynamic disciplines. With the EVE’14, the E.Stall team is aiming to put in an even better performance on the various race tracks in the new season and climb the leaderboard.


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wob-racing team

The wob-racing team is an interdisciplinary project open to students from Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences. The project gives participating students the opportunity to gather practical experience alongside their studies. Each year, the team looks at the design, structure, construction and testing of a Formula Student racing car. These cars are prototypes which go on to compete against teams from all around the world in a specially created racing series, Formula Student.


Christian Koenen GmbH supports the team by producing metal stencils used to manufacture the electronic assemblies.


Further information can be found at:


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