Our engagement for these projects

Christian Koenen GmbH takes over responsibility and for years has been supporting projects and organisations in Germany and internationally.

Christian Koenen GmbH also gives the gift of a laugh with the donation to KlinikClowns Bayern e.V.

Every single Christmas card counts for a big contribution
12/2018 - Ottobrunn near Munich – Laughing is the best medicine - everyone knows this saying. From a medical perspective there is also some truth in it. Laughing has positive effects on the general state of health and promotes the healing processes. Humour in hospitals and care facilities is a meaningful supplement to medicine. For the Christian Koenen GmbH reason enough to make a contribution here. In the contemplative Christmas period, the company reflects on those who don't have it so good. The company decided on the project of KlinikClowns Bayern e.V. Zest for life and courage to face life are important factors for the recovery. The company of Christian Koenen is happy to support that. For every Christmas card sent to customers, partners and suppliers, 1 EURO will be donated to the association, that gives the gift of a laugh. The KlinikClowns have their assignments in children's hospitals, retirement homes, facilities for handicapped people, on geriatric and gerontopsychiatric wards, wards for seriously ill adult patients and palliative wards as well as in hospices.


Partner company 2019 – We'll be there!

Christian Koenen GmbH is Partner Company 2019 of DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS e.V.
As Partner Company 2019 we support the work of DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS with a donation. With our contribution DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS rescue the lives of people in danger throughout the world.


DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS provides emergency medical aid throughout the world in crisis regions and war zones and after natural disasters. The international organisation helps fast, efficiently and unbureaucratically – without questioning origin, religion or political persuasion of the people concerned.
The doctors and care workers, midwives and logisticians of DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS work in about 70 countries. They treat sick and wounded people, care for malnourished children and ensure clean drinking water and toilets.


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A small contribution for bright-eyed children

During an internal cooking action the employees of Christian Koenen GmbH and KOENEN GmbH collected money for the Clemens Maria Children's Home in Putzbrunn. In June 2019 was then the happy moment to handover the money to the children and the director Frau Kotrel-Vogel. We are happy when the children can realise a nice project or finance an outing. To help regionally is a great concern of ours and when the money is used for the good of the children, that makes us very happy.


The children's home in Putzbrunn is very close to our heart, that's why we continue to promote activities again and again, that benefits the children.

Children in particular need our protection in society, when fate deals them a bad hand in their own family.

Animal welfare

The company management is associated with animal welfare in a very particular way. Animals are often left unprotected at the mercy of humans, it is therefore important that there are people and organisations who stand up for this protection and give the animals a voice.


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