Aluminium slope profile frame

During cleaning in the cleaning plant, the medium runs down better from the bevelled profiles, and the frame dries more quickly.

Cast Aluminium Frames

Our aluminium chill casting frames have been designed for the highest requirements.

Self mounting Systems


The swift and easy change of stencils is done without alignment of holes or slits.

Alpha Tetra

The Alpha Tetra mounting system is a four-sided spring-tension system with Alpha Tetra/VectorMount perforated edge.


TetraBond™ is a stencil sytem that optimally supports and clamps the metal stencil.


Four-sided self mounting system with Stencilman/Quattro-Flex perforated edge.

ZelFlex Z4P

A pressurized air system ensures uniform stencil tension over the whole work area.


Using these adapters, frames can be placed in printers with a 29"seating.


Storage shelf system

The storage systems by Christian Koenen GmbH prevent possible buckling of the stencils and protect them from contamination.


With the mobile T-Kaddy, you always have your most important stencils stets available on the line.

Storage shelf system

The shelf system comprises two main components. The system plate is mounted between two shelf supports with cross bar.

Squeegee blades

The squeegee blades are adapted individually to the respective requirements.


The use of plastic material prevents the formation of filing or chips during stirring in the can.

Cleaning agents

The cleanteCK cleaning media series offers you high quality products for the professional cleaning.


The new industrial standard for automatic SMT printed circuit board support.