Stencils in Fixed Frames

Stencils in fixed frames are welded into a special stainless steel fabric. The fabric is mounted into a stainless steel or aluminium frame. Thereby high stability and buckling resistance of the stencil are achieved. This is particularly recommendable for material thicknesses < 100 µm as well as in the Fine Pitch range.


The frames are covered with highquality fabric. When tensioning the fabric on the profile frame, an elastic elongation reserve is already taken into account for the later printing process.

The special adhesive processes developed by Christian Koenen GmbH makes it possible to mount the frame any number of times without loss of quality.

Welding Methods

The precision stencils are welded into the tensioned stainless steel using a special process. The fabric is cut out in the stencil area.

The outer fabric can be covered with screen filler if required.

Tension Strain Diagram

Pochoirs en cadre fixe

Welding Methods (illustration)

Welding methods (Illustration)


The stencils can be cleaned with any cleaning agent (even when cleaned with hot, watery-alkaline cleaning media in the ultrasonic cleaning plant, the stencils remain optimally tensioned.)
Higher durability and longer service life compared to glued stencils.
Since the welded seam of the stencil is considerably more narrow than a glued edge, the printing area of the stencil increases by at least 20 mm.