PumpPrint™ Stencils

PumpPrint™ stencils are used when printed circuit boards are fitted in two separate work steps. A characteristic example is a board already equipped with THT components which is to be printed on for a second time (e. g. adhesive printing).

In the PumpPrint™ stencil, recesses for the already mounted components are integrated. PumpPrint™ stencils are made of solventresistant plastic.

Technical Information

Standard thicknesses: 2,0 mm / 2,5 mm / 3,0 mm
Thicknesses up to 10 mm: possible upon request
PumpPrint™ stencils: also available as ESD

Flex Stencils

Flex stencils are used for adhesive printing when printing with metal stencils is rendered impossible by chemical surface reactions. The high flexibility makes possible an unusually high jump and thus adhesive points up to twice as high. The material characteristics prevent stringing of the glue used. The printed medium is optimally formed.

Technical Information

Material thicknesses: 125 µm / 190 µm / 250 µm
Option: Seating in many commonly used mounting systems possible