Galvanically Structured Metal Stencils

Galvanically structured stencils of pure nickel excel in particular by long service life and good release behaviour. The very costly and laborious manufacturing process results in production times of five up to seven working days. Stencil thickness may have tolerances of ± 5% caused by the production.

Etched Metal Stencils

For the manufacture of etched metal stencils mostly copper alloys such as alpaca, copper bronze and brass or stainless steel are used. Because of the markedly higher mechanical stability and abrasion resistance, we preferably offer you stainless steel or alpaca stencils.

Technical Information

Stencil size up to: 750 mm x 620 mm
Stencil thickness: 10 µm bis 2000 µm
Minimum pad: material thickness
Min. land width:  0,8 x material thickness