CK Nanovate™ Nickel

CK Nanovate Nickel can extend the life of the stencil.

New innovative stencil materials are important go keep pace with miniaturization in manufacturing engineering. In the past few years, research and development in the area of the stencil material was ongoing. Especially the area of nickel proved to be very promising. CK Nanovate Nickel is a product that has been tested and used successfully in the field of aeronautics.

Before its introduction in the product portfolio, extensive tests were executed in the Application Center. Some customers have also been using the material and test phases producing excellent results are ongoing. In particular, its fine crystalline grain structure and enhanced laser cutting properties have to be highlighted, ensuring excellent paste release properties, which overall result in increased yields and lower costs. Sharper cutting edges on the printed circuit board side produce far better sealing of the print deposits. The stencil life is significantly prolonged thanks to improved hardness and ductility. Uneven printed circuit boards will not result in waviness of the stencil. The new high-tech stencil material CK Nanovate™ Nickel is suited for specialist applications and is a good addition to the existing product portfolio.

CK Nanovate™ Nickel offers the following Benefits compared to Conventional Materials

» Improved paste release properties as a result of finer grain sizes and enhanced laser-cutting properties.
» Better sealing of the print deposit thanks to a sharper cutting edge on the PCB side.
» Improved self-cleaning effect due to the very smooth surface resulting from the fine crystalline grain structure.
» Extended useful life thanks to improved hardness and ductility.
» No waviness of the stencil on uneven printed circuit boards/substrates.