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Stencils for technical printing

40 to 70 steps are taken to convert the raw material into the precision tool for you.

Solder paste and adhesive printing

Take profit by the high precision of our stencils.

Stepped stencils

Especially developed for the application of paste deposits of different heights in one process step and for compensating height differences.

Stencil technology in the 3rd dimension

3D technology is used to facilitate simultaneous printing on several levels of a substrate.

Wafer and LTCC Stencils

Special stencils for printing on various media in the semiconductor and hybrid field.

PumpPrint™- and Flex stencils

PumpPrint™ stencils are used when printed circuit boards are fitted in two separate work steps. Flex stencils for adhesive printing.


Galvanically structured and etched metal stencils

Galvanically structured stencils of pure nickel excel in particular by long service life and good release behaviour.

Stencil labelling

With perfect «tracing» you keep track, during the whole production process.

Stencils in fixed frames

Particularly recommendable for material thicknesses > 100 µm as well as in the Fine Pitch range.

Stencils for self mounting systems

For stencil thicknesses > 100 µm, self mounting systems are an inexpensive and space-saving alternative to stencils in fixed frames.


Rework stencils are used to dip (immerse in flux or solder paste) or to precisely print components.