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18.08.2017 Christian Koenen Opens New Branch in France

German Precision Stencil Manufacturer continues international growth

In order to further expand its market position in Europe, the company Christian Koenen GmbH has invested in a branch in France. The French branch is headed by Jean-Emmanuel Lechene, an experienced Sales Manager. Mr Lechene used to work for the company Alpha, has many years of experience in the...  more

26.04.2017 Christian Koenen Kft. expands its site

The Manufacturer for Precision Stencils produces at new Production Site in Györ

Christian Koenen Kft was founded in 2013 in Györ / Hungary. The plant was started with a few employees in sales and in CAD order processing. The building in Györ was bought in 2014. Following an extensive reconstruction phase, the location is to be opened officially in summer 2017. Precision...  more

01.05.2017 Dr. Peter Hofmann joins the Management Team of Christian Koenen GmbH, KOENEN GmbH and Christian Koenen Kft.

On 1st May 2017, Dr. Peter Hofmann will join the management team of Christian Koenen GmbH, KOENEN GmbH and Christian Koenen Kft with responsiblity for business operations.

He is a physical chemistry graduate with a PhD from the Institute for Material Chemistry of the Technical University of Vienna (nanomaterials, surface structure analysis and physical/chemical properties). On completion of his course of studies, he started his career at MKS Instruments Deutschland...  more

25.04.2017 The World's largest Stencil

Back in 2012, Christian Koenen produced a 2.79 m large stencil

While we observe the steadily progressing miniaturization of components, grids and everything else in electronics, there is, on the other hand, a demand for increasingly larger stencils in certain specialist applications. As early as 1995, Christian Koenen produced a stencil for the company OCE,...  more

10.01.2017 Optimized printing processes thanks to close cooperation with suppliers

The optimization of individual processes in electronics manufacture represents a permanent challenge for EMS and OEM companies. At the same time, the assembly of components must become more precise, more efficient and faster. However, many different parameters play a vital role especially as far as the precision is concerned. This is particularly true for solder paste printing, which is the initial process in manufacture.

In this regard, it is irrelevant whether a fully automatic or a manual printer is used. “The first inaccuracies can be created already during the printing of the solder paste, and they can only be corrected to a limited extent during the subsequent processes,” as Anton Hacklinger, Managing Director...  more

New HighTech Stencil Material

21.12.2016 New HighTech Stencil Material

CK Nanovate™ Nickel prolongs the Life of the Stencil

Always striving to stay one step ahead in manufacturing, in particular in view of the continuing miniaturization of components, Christian Koenen GmbH has searched for a new high-tech material for its precision stencils. In the past few years, research and development in the area of the stencil...  more

09.11.2016 Successful International Technology Day

International customers visited the company after the extension

On 23 September 2016, the International Technology Day took place with great success at Christian Koenen. During a tour of the premises, the participants from Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Denmark, Mexico, Spain and Slovenia had the opportunity to explore the extension of the company building. The...  more

08.07.2016 Once again new laser systems installed at Christian Koenen GmbH

Company's machinery equipped with the latest technology

Christian Koenen GmbH has once again invested in two laser systems of the latest generation. Its machinery is always kept to the state of the art to ensure that the company can meet the increasingly more complex customer requirements for stencil technology. With this investment, the company...  more

01.06.2016 Michael Zahn takes over the position of Global Business Development Manager at Christian Koenen

Starting on 1 June 2016, the technical expert will strengthen the company

Michael Zahn looks back at a long career at DEK and ASM Assembly Systems. During those years, he held various positions in Operations and Product Management. Mr Zahn was in charge of the establishment of a franchise system. In the past four years, he worked overseas holding the overall...  more

01.06.2016 Christian Koenen opens a branch in France

Jean Lechene strengthens the company as Regional Sales Manager

We have the pleasure to announce the recruitment of Mr Lechene in the company Christian Koenen GmbH. Mr Lechene has a long carrier in Alpha. In operations department, he was manager for the stencils business in France at Cholet between 1997 and 2016 and for the stencils business in Hungary between...  more

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