Precision Stencils for Technical Printing

Christian Koenen GmbH is the technology and market leader in Europe in the fabrication of precision stencils in electronics manufacture.

Christian Koenen
Christian Koenen

Technologically up-to-date

Ongoing investments into research and development for the implementation of new ideas as well as the permanent training of our employees have led to new insights. Partly these have already been integrated into production and provide marked additional value for our customers: the in-crease of the line performance by reduction of error quotes in printing as well as a markedly increased stencil performance speak for themselves.

We invite you to get to know our scope of services which can increase the efficiency of your products and supports you to strengthen your position on the free market

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Process Consultation

As a customer of Christian Koenen GmbH, in the long term you benefit from the knowhow of the technological leader.

Our application team will optimize your processes using your hardware and data, both in the Application Center and upon request directly at of your own production line.

The Christian Koenen experts give you helpful advice and bring up the opinion to optimize the process performance.

Sebastian Bechmann

Sebastian Bechmann
Head of Application
Tel.: +49 89 66 56 18 - 0



Daniel Rudolph

Daniel Rudolph
Tel.: +49 89 66 56 18 - 0


08/2017: Christian Koenen Opens New Branch in France

German Precision Stencil Manufacturer continues international growth

In order to further expand its market position in Europe, the company Christian Koenen GmbH has invested in a branch in France. The French branch is headed by Jean-Emmanuel Lechene, an experienced Sales Manager. Mr Lechene used to work for the company Alpha, has many years of experience in the...  more

05/2017: Dr. Peter Hofmann joins the Management Team of Christian Koenen GmbH, KOENEN GmbH and Christian Koenen Kft.

On 1st May 2017, Dr. Peter Hofmann will join the management team of Christian Koenen GmbH, KOENEN GmbH and Christian Koenen Kft with responsiblity for business operations.

He is a physical chemistry graduate with a PhD from the Institute for Material Chemistry of the Technical University of Vienna (nanomaterials, surface structure analysis and physical/chemical properties). On completion of his course of studies, he started his career at MKS Instruments Deutschland...  more