Our Engagement for these Projects

Christian Koenen GmbH embraces responsibility and has been supporting projects and organisations both in Germany and internationally for many years.

DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS is an international, independent humanitarian aid organisation. It offers medical assistance in more than 60 countries worldwide where people are destitute and suffer from the effects of (civil) wars or natural disasters.  Doctors Without Borders offers this help to all victims regardless of their ethnicity or political and religious convictions.

Measles vaccination campaign

Measles vaccination campaign, Democratic Republic of Congo, March 2012
(Copyright: Anna Surinyach)

The company management is particularly committed to the protection of animals. Animals are defenceless against humans, and it is therefore important that there are people and organisations that are engaged in protecting animals and giving them a voice.

Deutsches Tierschutzbüro

For our company, promoting the youth is a matter very close to our heart. A donation made to the Association SC München Süd e.V. provided the funds for new jerseys for the youth team.

SC München Süd e.V.