New Branch in Le Longeron / France

In order to expand our market position in Europe, we have invested in a branch in France.

The French branch is headed by Jean-Emmanuel Lechene, an experienced Sales Manager. Mr Lechene used to work for the company Alpha, has many years of experience in the area of stencil technology and knows the French market of the electronics industry. In addition, the company is pleased to have hired Ludovic Harrault in the position of Manager of CAD Order Processing.

Proximity to the customer is an important factor to keep abreast of the increasing requirements of the regional market for customer-specific solutions. Moreover, the customers benefit from the optimised processes that have already been standardised at Christian Koenen. The orders will be processed in the national language.

Before taking up their respective position, all employees underwent extensive training at the Munich headquarters and are part of the big CK team. At this site as well, quality and service are firmly enshrined in the company's philosophy. The French branch maintains a close-knit network with the Munich headquarters. A permanent exchange on processes and technologies is thus guaranteed.

Since June 2016, all French orders have been processed directly via the branch in France.

ZA du Bordage, Rue du belebat
49710 Le Longeron

Jean-Emmanuel Lechene
Regional Sales Manager
Phone: +33 684 73 61 08

Ludovic Harrault
CAD Technician
Mobile: +33 647 20 07 36