Our Contribution to the Environment

We are a forward-looking company, which is why environmental protection and sustainability are firmly enshrined in our corporate goals. For us, compliance with legal regulations and official requirements in respect of environmental protection is a matter of course. Through sustainable actions, we support the preservation of the resources of our planet for the next generation. Reducing energy consumption is a major concern in all areas of our company.
The environmental guidelines are binding for our staff at all locations. The company requests and encourages each employee to practice environmental protection autonomously and actively at his or her workplace. All measures implemented are reviewed on a regular basis and are improved continuously.

Our production processes are efficiently designed in order to keep energy consumption to a minimum. Before we introduce new technologies, these are assessed in respect of their environmental soundness. Production waste, packaging materials and stencils that are no longer used are separated and disposed for recycling.

In order to shorten delivery times significantly, we have established a separate frame store for customers. This allows our customers the opportunity to store their used frames free of charge.

Here, the used frames are reworked for re-covering. The frames reworked by us have an extremely long service life and can be used multiple times. We employ a welding procedure to reduce the use of chemicals and adhesives to a minimum.

We use high-quality basic materials to ensure a long durability of our products. Our precision tools reduce the amount of rejects at the customer and make production cycles easier. This helps saving energy, material and work time. Our in-house developed cleaning agent series cleanteCK is water-based. We thus reduce the use of solvents, making a contribution to water protection. To reduce energy consumption, shipments are combined at our dispatch department. In addition, we offer environmentally friendly reusable packaging for our stencils.