TetraBond™ is a stencil system that optimally supports and clamps the metal stencil. Installing and removing in the self-mounting systems is easy and safe. This helps reducing setup times if frequent product changes are required. The plate is enclosed in a thin extruded single-piece aluminium profile. The TetraBond™ stencil system has been developed for use in Tetra mounting frames. A large number of mounting frames currently available on the market are compatible with TetraBond™. All technologies for stencil manufacture (laser cutting, step technology, electro polishing, galvanic structure and solid nickel laser-cut) are unrestrictedly available for the TetraBond™ system.

The system can be taken out of the self-mounting system easily and can then be cleaned directly in a cleaning plant; an additional washing frame is not required. The stiff frame reduces the damage potential during handling of the stencils to a minimum. The frames are available in the colours green and black. Lead-free and lead-containing applications can thus be safely distinguished. Stencils in the TetraBond™ system allow for spacesaving storage.

Available for Following Self-mounting Systems Sizes:

17" x 17"
23" x 23"
23" x 29"
29" x 29"
Other sizes are available upon request.