Cast Aluminium Frames

Our aluminium chill casting frames have been designed for the highest requirements. Both sides are CNC surface treated to guarantee absolute plane parallelism.

They are torsion-free and corrosion-resistant and have therefore a very long service life.

Technical Information

Type Outer dimension (mm) Inner dimension (mm) Strength (mm) Thread Thread spacing (mm) Material Weight (kg/pc)
CK-2 295x245 250x200 19,0 4 x M6 272x215 Cast aluminium 0,68
CK-3 254x184 215x145 10,0 4 x M4 101,5x171 Cast aluminium 0,34
CK-5 300x270 250x220 20,0 4 x M5 Heli-Coil 244x180 Cast aluminium 0,82
CK-10 S 355x355 305x305 25,5 4 x M6 330x330 Cast aluminium 1,00
CK-12 300x300 250x250 20,0 4 x M6 275x275 Cast aluminium 0,84
CK-15 380x350 323,5x293,5 20,0 4 x M6 Ensat 320x240 Cast aluminium 1,70
CK-19 S 450x450 384x384 25,5 4 x M6 Ensat 407x407 Cast aluminium 1,70
CK-20 584x584 508x508 25,5 4 x M6 Ensat 533,4x533,4 Cast aluminium 3,90